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Last update: 2019/10/09

BE OPEN aims to assist in operationalizing Open Science in transport research at the European level. BE OPEN promotes Open Science in transport research and assists in regulating and standardizing it. The aim of this community is to help create a common pool of knowledge to allow Open Science to become a reality in transport research.


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Journal of Sustainable Development of Transport and Logistics

An Open Access Journal

1 Volume with 4 issues per year

ISSN 2520-2979



Journal of Sustainable Development of Transport and Logistics (JSDTL) is a peer-reviewed open access journal publishing original high-quality scholarly research and developments in areas related to transportation science, technologies, logistics, policy and practice.

Established in 2016 by the Scientific Platform “SciView.Net”.

The journal is unique in its field, as it covers all modes of transport and addresses both the engineering and the social science perspective, offering a truly multidisciplinary platform for researchers, practitioners, engineers, managers and policymakers.

Journal of Sustainable Development of Transport and Logistics (JSDTL) is aimed at a readership including researchers, practitioners in the design and operation of transportation systems, and policymakers at the international, national, regional and local levels.

Related subjects » Civil Engineering - Mechanical Engineering - Regional / Spatial Science - Production & Logistics - R&D

MarTREC, the Maritime Transportation Research and Education Center, is a U.S, Department of Transportation Tier 1 University Transportation Center. MarTREC is working to preserve the Nation’s transportation system through efficient, resilient, and sustainable maritime and multimodal logistics and infrastructure. Our consortium consists of the University of Arkansas, Jackson State University, Louisiana State University, Texas A&M University/Texas Transportation Institute, University of New Orleans, and Vanderbilt University.

UTC-UTI (University Transportation Center for Underground Transportation Infrastructure) is a U.S. Department of Transportation funded Tier 1 University Transportation Center that focuses on “Improving the Durability and Extending the Life of Transportation Infrastructure.” It is a consortium comprised of three university partners with Colorado School of Mines as the Lead Institution, and California State University Los Angeles and Lehigh University as Consortium Members. This site is for archiving and dissemination of research data, results and publications from the Center.

Science and Transport Progress

Science and Transport Progress

Last update: 2017/06/06

The journal aims to illuminate the urgent problems of scientific support of the transport, rolling stock, transport infrastructure, information and intellectual systems on the transport and the disclosure of the fundamental and applied researches results, advanced scientific approaches to the technology development, analysis of management, economic and ecological aspects of transport enterprises operation and transport construction, as well as the improvement of higher school activity. 

C2SMART is a Tier 1 USDOT University Transportation Center based in New York City with partners around the country. Our center is taking on some of today's most pressing urban mobility challenges.